Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Planning Department

TO: The Chairman and Members of Date: April 24/02

Land Use Committee "A"

FROM: Ken Cossey MCIP, Planner-Administrator File Number:

Subject: Bylaw 2945 - Elected Advisory Planning Commissions



1/. That the Board give all the required readings to this bylaw. No public hearing on this bylaw is required.

2/. After the new Advisory Planning Commission members have been appointed to their respective Advisory Planning Commissions, staff be instructed to set up an Advisory Planning Commission workshop. The date for this workshop will be held sometime in January/February 2003.

3/. That staff be requested to investigate the possibility of cost sharing this workshop with the municipal advisory planning commissions.


Director Henson has requested this bylaw in order to have locally elected members of the following Advisory Planning Commissions:

Please note that there is an elected East Sooke Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw currently in place.

As well with the various changes to the Local Government Act and four bylaws currently in place, each with their own rules and requirements, it was also deemed time to repeal the existing bylaws and create one new Juan de Fuca Electoral Area region wide Advisory Planning Commission bylaw. The bylaw was referred to the following for their comments:

Note - There is no active Port Renfrew Advisory Planning Commission in place at this time.


Respectfully submitted,



Ken Cossey, MCIP Executive Director's Comments




W.M. Jordan, Executive Director