Minutes of the Membership Meeting

DATE:                        Wednesday, November 3, 2004

TIME:                        7:30 p.m.

PLACE:                        Otter Point Fire Hall

Present:                        Ken Pungente (President), Arnie Campbell (Vice President),
                        Mitch Moneo, Frances Stocks, Byron Tweedy

Absent:                        Virginia Boyd, Wendy Morton

Public:                        Approximately 35

1.             Director Arnie Campbell moved to accept the agenda as presented.

2.             Director Ken Pungente provided an update on OPSRRA activities since the AGM.

3.             Director Arnie Campbell reported on correspondence.

·       Crown Land Sales

·       Trails in Otter Point (discussion was delegated to new business)

·       Poirier Lake (Bren Keetch provided a report on the situation; K. Pungente assured Keetch that the executive would make some inquiries into the development permit

·       Otter Point Shirley Boundary

4.             Outcome of Shirley study: OPSRRA vs OPRRA.

Director Francis Stocks reported on her survey of OPSRRA members residing in Shirley. Director Stocks reported that 27 of the 35 active Shirley members were contacted, all of whom wanted to remain in OPSRRA.

5.             Update from the chairs of the Shirley/Jordan River and the Otter Point OCP Committees

Maureen Nelson provided a summary of Shirley/Jordan River OCP work to date.

Wayne Fritz provided a summary of Otter Point OCP work to date. There was some discussion about the maps displayed and whether existing zoning will be grandfathered.

6.             Proposed CRD Waterline Extension into Otter Point

Director Ken Pungente provided a summary of Demamiel Estates Development and The current status of the proposed waterline extension.

There was discussion about the impact of the waterline on community growth; controlling development by controlling a utility rather than by appropriate zoning; guidelines for the provision for community amenities; ensuring the waterline would have adequate capacity for future development; and that the waterline should be included in the OCP.

There was some discussion over the need for increased protection for Kemp Lake as water supply.

7.             Conservation vs. Restrictive Covenant

Director Arnie Campbell explained his rationale for supporting Demamiel Development lot averaging in relation to conservation covenant. There was some discussion about “gross lot averaging” as opposed to “small lot averaging”; distinguishing between three-way conservation or restrictive covenant as opposed to a unilateral covenant by the property owner; and setbacks and other criteria.

Director Pungente said the executive will work on wording for a motion dealing with conservation vs. restrictive covenants in relation to lot averaging and bring it to the AGM.

8.             Director Byron Tweedy moved that due to time constraint agenda the item dealing with boundary restructure should be tabled to another special membership meeting.

9.             Update on OPSRRA website and newsletter

Sandra Barta and Arnie Campbell provided an update.

10.         New Business

There was a discussion about trails and the concern for trails in Otter Point/Shirley.

Sid Jorna moved that “OPSRRA support the establishment of effective rules that would afford public access for trails in new developments.”

Seconded by Bren Keetch

Carried Unanimously

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.