The proposed placement of new cell towers by Freedom Mobile on Kemp Lake Road in Otter Point (one of two) has also been a topic of concern these past few months with respect to potential effects on health, property value and aesthetics.  We have been supporting community members in taking these concerns to the Juan de Fuca Land Use Committee (LUC) and communicating with CRD (Capital Regional District) on this issue. OPSRRA recognizes the importance of improved cell reception in our communities for a variety of reasons. However, we also maintain that our unincorporated communities and the associations that help to represent them, such as OPSRRA, need to be duly consulted on the locations of these towers and other infrastructure to the same extent as municipal districts to ensure these concerns are addressed.

We have been corresponding with our regional director, Mike Hicks, to request that OPSRRA also be consulted on these issues as part of the process so that we can more effectively support our community members and work collaboratively with agencies to find optimal solutions for all. CRD has confirmed that OPSRRA will receive information packages from telecommunications providers in our communities in the future. This will help to keep us in the loop and give us the opportunity to air the concerns of our members.

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