In light of the inconsistent response to the Tsunami warning for the west coast of Vancouver Island on January 22, 2018, OPSRRA has compiled a list of resources for our members in case of a major emergency. OPSRRA is not a disaster-preparedness organization per se, but we do want to provide our members—and others—with basic information on emergencies, as self-education and preparation are essential.

Keep in mind that you would need to play an active role to ensure your own safety, well-being, and security for such possibilities (or eventualities, if you are of the glass-half-full persuasion). You also would be responsible for your family and pets.

Please be aware that governmental resources/responses could be delayed, inaccessible, and/or inadequate during potential crises—especially for residents in more remote areas.

CRD Resources

This CRD link includes a good general overview, with a very thorough PDF worth downloading to help you prepare for future emergencies.

On the CRD site above, there is an opportunity for residents to sign up for alert notifications, which is well worth doing here.

Other Resources

Twitter is an option for those who are comfortable with the platform and technology (of course, your mobile device would have to have power, be turned on, and within earshot to hear the audio notification of a “tweet” for emergency purposes).

EmergencyInfoBC further explains the alert notification system, some of which are in the development phase (for instance, text alerts are slated to begin in April 2018):

Within the Juan de Fuca area, Juan de Fuca Emergency Management has a great deal of information.

It is important to familiarize yourself with resources on potential weather-specific disasters: