OPSRRA needs volunteers as part of a subcommittee to do some maintenance on our Welcome to Otter Point and Shirley signs.
These signs were made possible through fundraising by OPSRRA in 2011 and with the help of volunteer labour by OPSRRA members. They are a real asset to our communities.

The signs have been inspected and need cleaning and some touch-up painting, possibly structural shoring-up of one post on one of the signs.

We have received a small amount of grant money from the CRD to carry-out repairs, so OPSRRA will cover the costs of materials


Ideally, this work should be carried out before the end of September 2018, and before the rains start. Depending on the number of member volunteers, 1 or 2 teams could form and do the work quickly.

Timeline: August to September 2018

If you can help, please contact:

Brenda Mark
phone 250 646 2598

Fiona McDannold
phone 250 646 2730

Diane Foster