Hi Everyone!

Well, our “tinder dry” summer has come to a close and fall rains are here again. We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable warm season! It’s been a busy summer for OPSRRA with many things going on.

All Candidates Meeting – September 30th

OPSRRA has invited the Milne’s Landing School Trustee candidates for this year’s municipal election on October 20th to introduce themselves, tell you how they hope to improve our school system, and answer a few direct questions from our community members. Also joining us at the All Candidates meeting will be candidates for JdF EA Director, and nominees for the Land Use Committee and Advisory Planning Council both for Otter Point and Shirley/Jordan River.

Please join us on Sunday, September 30 at 2pm at the JDF Local Area Services Building (CRD) at 3 – 7450 Butler Road in Otter Point. Everyone is welcome and refreshments are available by donation.
Community Welcome Signs – Update and Call for Volunteers

OPSRRA has submitted a Grant in Aid application to CRD in the amount of $1,721.88, as well as a request for a similar matching donation to B.C. Hydro (total of $3443.75) for the creation of wooden “Welcome to Jordan River” signs, similar to what we currently have for Shirley and Otter Point. These will be posted at the west and east CRD boundaries of the community along the highway. We recognize the importance of this signage in acknowledging Jordan River as a growing and thriving community. The sign will also incorporate diitiida, the original landing name place of the Pacheedaht First Nation.

We are also still looking for volunteers to help out with maintaining our existing welcome signs in Shirley and Otter Point (now 7 years old!). We have also successfully obtained some funding for this purpose (see below). If you are able to help out, please contact Brenda MarkFiona McDannold or Diane Foster.

New OPSRRA Website Launch
Opsrra home page Sept 2018

We are pleased to be celebrating OPSRRA’s 25th anniversary by launching our new updated website. The new site has responsive design so it can easily be used either on your desktop, laptop, ipad or phone. It also is updated to the latest security settings – you’ll notice the full address is now https://opsrra.ca

Another enhancement to the new site is a more robust business directory to help our community shop local where possible and support our local economy.  The directory will continue to grow over the months and we invite our members to be a part of this local resource.

OPSRRA is also looking for community contributions to our website, such as photos, calendar updates and news items.  Please email your contributions, feedback and/or business directory listing requests to vpresident@opsrra.ca.

Notice Board Jordan River 2018Community Notice Board Funding

OPSRRA was successful in obtaining funding through its Grant in Aid application to CRD in the amount of $700 for the maintenance and refurbishing of the 37 notice boards in our communities.  If you would like to help our team with this project, please contact Brenda at the email address above.

Highway 14 Upgrades – Update

Your Board recently sent a letter to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in August, along with additional earlier supporting documentation, as part of providing public input on Hwy 14 Corridor Improvements on behalf of  emergency services. In this letter we drew attention to 1) two particularly dangerous corners: Jordan River between Cold Shoulder and the gravel pit, around 11950 West Coast Hwy; and Muir Creek, around 8800 – 9143 West Coast Hwy which accounts for 50% of the region’s accidents, 2) a request for wider shoulders at regular intervals along the highway to allow for safe pull offs, 3) a list of existing shoulders which are crumbling away, and 4) request for a current traffic count in Shirley during the peak season to provide a better idea of traffic volumes and the wear and tear on these challenging roads.

Again, we’re constantly working to improve the quality of life our members enjoy in our communities, but we really need your help and involvement. If you wish to volunteer your time and assistance in any way, again, please don’t hesitate to contact us at president@opsrra.ca.

Enjoy all the pleasure that fall has to offer in our beautiful corner of the world, be safe and hopefully see you on Sept 30!


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