Jordan River Welcome Sign getting prepped for the great outdoors

You’ve no doubt seen the Welcome to Otter Point and Welcome to Shirley signs positioned along the highway. OPSRRA  is looking to complete these with a sign welcoming both locals and travelers to Jordan River.

We’re nearly there, but have fallen short in our funding to install the signs. It is our hope that with a small contribution from local businesses and residents that we can finally mark the growing community of Jordan River and show our local pride.

We would appreciate donations of any size but are hoping that you would be able to contribute at one of these three levels:  $300, $150 or $75. 

You can donate anonymously or we would be happy to acknowledge your contribution to our region in our quarterly newsletter which is sent to our 400 members.

Thank you!

3 Ways to Donate
  1. Send an e-transfer from your bank to
  2. Send a cheque to:
    9193 West Coast Road
    Shirley BC V9Z 1G3
  3. Use PayPal

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