This is from Regional Director Mike Hicks:

I have just sent this note to my contact in the Premier’s office and bcc’d many residents of Port Renfrew, Jordan River and Shirley. Hope you support!

I was hoping that you could carry this message to the appropriate Minister and Premier Horgan.  Port Renfrew , Jordan River, Shirley and Sooke are being overwhelmed with travellers visiting the various beaches out to Port Renfrew. My Shirley and Port Renfrew fire chiefs have estimated the traffic volume is equivalent to  when the Malahat closes.

Our emergency response is not equipped for this volume and our food supplies are limited. Port Renfrews’ grocery store have announced they can only serve Port Renfrew and Pacheedaht residents and our one and only East Sooke Grocer is considering the same measures, as his store is overrun with travellers. From what I have heard , Sooke has the same issue times 10 resulting from too many people travelling to the Parks.

I would ask in my capacity of Juan de Fuca Electoral Area director that the MInister of Parks and the Premier consider a temporary closure of  French Beach, China Beach and Botanical Beach to the public. Each has a gate and although many people will walk to the beach , 90% of the public will avoid the area. I am truly sorry to ask for this action but there is no question that this huge volume of travellers are affecting the rural communities and are not following the “stay at home” message of Minister Dix and Dr. Bonnie Henry. The CRD is closing their gate at Jordan River on Monday, the Pacheedaht have closed their beach and I would request you do the same for those three parks.

Thank you 

Mike Hicks

Regional Director

Juan de Fuca  

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