ALM Farm has expressed concern over the impact to their water supply by nearby development. They are also concerned that a proposed subdivision, currently under consideration by JdF Planning, will make the water situation worse for ALM Farm as well as their neighbors.

On July 21st at 7 pm the Juan de Fuca Planning Office (3-7450 Butler Road) will consider the application. To find out more about this proposed subdivision go to the CRD’s website. Once there scroll down to July 21, 2020 to view the meeting agenda. and the supplementary agenda.

There is an opportunity for written submissions concerning this application.  They need to be submitted by July 20th (next Monday) before 4 pm,  You can send a submission by email to jdfinfo@crd.bc.c or drop it off at the office.  To attend the meeting in person or electronically, contact the JdF office at 250-642-8100 or by email.  Cite file: RZ000267 or 3542 & 3542 Otter Point Road.

2 thoughts on “ALM Farm says subdivision threatens water

  1. Thank you for the New Post again I enjoy knowing what is happening in our neighborhood, especially environmental issues. I sent a cheque for my membership Recently and was wondering if they send you a membership card back or not? Are we notified in five years to renew?

    Yours sincerely Rosemarie

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  2. Hi Rosemarie,
    Thanks for your membership and thanks for the kind words. We don’t send out membership cards but we will send out a reminder when your 5-year membership is up for renewal.

    – James


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