A History of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse and the families who served there.

The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society (SPLPS) announced the publication of a new book chronicling the history of Sheringham Lighthouse, the light, the land, and the families that tended the light at Sheringham Point, just west of Sooke, British Columbia.

Sheringham: A Canadian Heritage Story (ISBN 9780991864416), authored and researched by Rebecca Quinn and Society volunteers, is a 60-page book in full colour, covering the illustrious history of the iconic lighthouse at Sheringham Point. In 2013, the lighthouse was designated by the Federal Government as a Canadian Lighthouse Heritage Site.

Featuring over 65 photos, maps, journal entries, charts, and biographies of the light keepers and their families, information about junior light keepers, the land purchase, the construction of Sheringham Point Road (the historic access) and the work of the Society, this book is a fun and interesting read for everyone. Printed by award winning Digital Direct Printing in Victoria, BC using the latest in sustainable and innovative printing techniques.

Senator (Retired) Pat Carney, who, while in the Senate, was the driver of the Federal government’s efforts to save Canadian lighthouses through public/private partnerships, said…”Canada’s lighthouses are treasure chests of community stories and legends. This history of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse is pure gold, covering First Nations, early Spanish maritime explorers, shipwrecks, early settlers and original light keepers, and the work of Society volunteers who have achieved heritage designation for this important light station.”

The Senator, the co-sponsor of Federal legislation providing heritage protection for lighthouses around the country, commented, “Sheringham: A Canadian Heritage Story is a great read!”

Sheringham: A Canadian Heritage Story is being published as part of the Society’s multi-phase restoration effort of the lighthouse structure, engine room, and heritage property in general. It was published with the assistance of the Federal Government’s National Cost Sharing Program through Parks Canada.

The book is now on sale. Check your local bookstore or visit the SPLPS online store at SheringhamLighthouse.org. For more information check out the video about the book.

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