The best prevention efforts cannot stop all invasive species. Because of this, early detection, rapid assessment, and rapid response is a critical second defense against the establishment of invasive populations.

The invasive shiny geranium plant is up now and preparing to flower and seed. Because of the harm it can cause to native ecosystems, the province has designated this plant as Early Detection Rapid Response and the goal is to eradicate it. The province has a program that offers support to landowners to control this plant and prevent its spread. If you spot this plant, they can report it using the provincial Report a Weed app (free and easy to use) or by contacting Jenny Eastman (, the CRD’s Regional Invasive Species Program Coordinator, with the following information:

  • Location details
  • Size of patch
  • A photo (if possible)

You can read more about the shiny geranium at King County, Washington’s government web site.

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