If you are an OPSRRA member, you should soon receive an email with a link to the OPSRRA Community Water Survey. We’re doing this survey because our community is growing and we’re in the midst of a drought—what better time to gather information about water sources.

The survey asks what is your water source and how is it performing. It should not take long. While the survey has 43 questions (plus a place for comments) you need only answer those that apply to your primary and, if applicable, your secondary water sources. The only required questions are your email and your community, but we hope you answer more than that.

Please complete the survey by September 30, 2021, if possible.

If you are an OPSRRA member and have not received a survey please contact communications@opsrra.ca. We will post the survey results as soon as they come in. Thank you for your participation.

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