Please mark your calendar for our Federal Election Candidates Meeting. It is Sunday September 12, at 2 P.M. To attend the Zoom meeting send an email to with your name and email and we will send you instructions on the day of the meeting. The meeting agenda is as follows:

Welcome & Introduction – Bill Dushenko 

1. Introduction of Candidates (2 mins for each candidate)  

  • Doug Kobayashi 
  • Randall Garrison
  • Laura Frost  
  • Harley Gordon 
  • Rob Anderson
  • Tyson Strandlund

2. Questions pre-chosen by the membership  

a. Question 1 (2 mins for each candidate) 

The Climate Crisis is a real issue globally as extreme weather events become the norm. What tools and strategies would you advocate using to solve the crisis? 

b. Question 2 (2 mins for each candidate) 

First Nations are an important part of our culture and population. What is one tangible action your party proposes to foster true reconciliation and a fresh relationship that moves forward together. 

c. Question 3 (2 mins for each candidate) 

Chinook fishing restrictions and closures are ongoing to protect fish stocks and local orca populations. What regional and national solutions would you work towards to address this issue? 

3. Final Statements by the Candidates (2 mins for each candidate)  

4. Questions from the audience – directed to the candidate(s) of choice – Bill to moderate  

5. Adjournment of the formal meeting – Bill Dushenko  

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