This is final call for the OPSRRA Community Water Survey. If you have already participated, thank you. If not, we encourage you to take a few minutes and share your water experience.

The OPSRRA Community Water Survey asks what is your water source and how is it performing. The survey has 43 questions plus a place for comments. It should not take long. You need only answer those questions that apply to your primary and, if applicable, your secondary sources. The only required questions are your email and your community, but we hope you answer more than that. Your email will not be used, disclosed, or verified. Please complete the survey by September 30, 2021, if possible. If you have questions about the survey please send them to

Questions are arranged like so:
(1-13) For everyone
(14-18) If you have a deep drilled well
(19-27) If you have a shallow, dug well
(28-32) If you have water rights on creek, stream, river, or pond
(33-37) If you have a rainwater catchment system
(38-43) If you are on a community or a shared water system
(44) For everyone: any comments or information you’d like to add

To begin, click the link below. One survey per household, please.

Take the OPSRRA Community Water Survey

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