The BC government’s consultation on the Watershed Security issues ends on March 18. There are 2 ways to provide input, via the on-line questionnaire or by way of a written submission. Putting a notice on the various Facebook pages about the consultation and its timing is a good idea. In light of the responses in the OPSRRA Water Survey of 2021, we need to encourage people to respond to the request for input from the public.

The discussion paper covers ten main areas on watershed security (including the protection of aquifers) and poses specific questions to answer. Some of the issues we discussed in our call the other day—data collection, need for resources to do monitoring work, concerns about wells, structures for decision-making about water, and better incorporating water issues into land-use planning—could be addressed.

To assist people from JDF and elsewhere in answering the on-line questionnaire or making a submission, the two documents to read are below :

(i) Read about and download the discussion paper at the BC Government page on Watershed Security. You can also download it here: Watershed Security Strategy and Fund discussion paper (pdf).

(ii) Read the POLIS Project on Watershed Security (pdf). This is from the University of Victoria’s POLIS Project on Ecological Governance.

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