Event: Candidates Meeting: Zoom Q & A for Candidates in Upcoming Election
    —Juan de Fuca Electoral Area District Director 
    —School District #62 Trustees (Milnes Landing)

Date and Time: Sunday, Oct 2, 2022 ⋅ 2–3:30pm PST

For the first time in 14 years, Mike Hicks will not be running for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Director and, based on the last municipal election, as few as 500 votes could determine how the next four years will roll out for residents of Shirley, Otter Point, Jordan River, Port Renfrew, Willis Point and East Sooke. 

There are four candidates for the role and whoever the successful candidate might be, they’ll need to negotiate, collaborate, and fight for this far-flung Electoral Area at the CRD table against 13 larger, more urban communities, regions like Victoria, Saanich, and Langford. Your local community association, OPSRRA, held a candidates meeting so you can get to know the candidates looking to protect and lead the region. Click here to view the meeting in its entirety.

On October 2nd, on behalf of its 400+ membership, OPSRRA asked the candidates questions about water, development, and parkland and how the candidates can make a difference for the local community. The person who is voted in will represent our community for the next 4 years and will be an advocate for issues specific to our rural community. That candidate will need common sense, strength of character and political acumen to successfully fight for the rights of our community. It is a tall order, making an informed decision the only one that our region can live with. The candidates event will be a unique opportunity for residents to ask questions and decide which candidate will be our next representative.

Attendees will have a chance to winnow down their choice for the Juan de Fuca EA Director from the four candidates: Derek Bishop, Shaunna Salsman, Sandy Sinclair, and Al Wickheim. And we’ll introduce them to six candidates vying for three positions as School Trustee: Candace Linde, Veronica Pemberton, Murielle Lagacé, Allison Watson, Amanda Dowhy, and Ebony Logins.

All candidates will briefly explain why they’re the best candidate followed by a Q&A. The event began at 2:00pm on October 2nd and was held virtually in order to provide broad access. Once again to watch the event in its entirety, click here.

Our thanks to Mike Hicks for his many years of service to our community!

The Otter Point, Shirley and Jordan River Resident and Ratepayers Association (OPSRRA), established in 1992, represents over 400 residents from these three small, unincorporated communities west of Sooke, British Columbia. More info at opsrra.ca

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