In the fall of 2021, residents of Jordan River, Shirley & Otter Point were asked about water conditions for their home. The survey asked questions on water source(s), water uses, how things have changed over the years and if residents are prepared in case of a summer drought. 

The results were interesting when compared with previous surveys from 2013 and 2014.

Based on the results, reliable water is a growing concern in the region, but more scientific data is required to provide clear certainty of a clean safe drinking supply for the population.

Recommendations from the survey:

  • At least one well monitor on each aquifer in the Otter Point to Jordan River Region
  • Incentives/training to put in place rainwater catchment system on new and existing homes
  • Assessment of new developments based on available water in the region

To see the survey in full click here.

2 thoughts on “Water Survey Results

  1. Many thanks for the survey results. Always interesting to see changes happening. Glad to say I survived the drought with my very shallow well; though one neighbour (with another shallow well) did say his pump was sucking air at one point, I did not suffer from that. I did try a few newish ways to cut down on use (somewhat more difficult when one has visitors, though they did try to follow guidelines!). Best wishes Lesley Douch


  2. Thanks Lesley, What area do you live in? Have you looked at the BC Wells and Aquifer website to find your well? and those around you? Tons of information on registered wells in our area. Thanks **Chris Moss


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