OPSRRA Fall 2019 Director’s Report

Fall is almost here! Hope you are still enjoying the fleeting days of summer and starting to get ready for autumn and harvest season. OPSRRA has also been busy over the summer break with the following activities... All Candidates Meeting (September 29) As you’re probably aware, we have been organizing an all candidates meeting for … Continue reading OPSRRA Fall 2019 Director’s Report

Annual President’s Report for 2019 AGM

A Year in Review 2018 Annual General Meeting - over 30 members in attendance, hosting guest speakers Jeff McArthur (RCMP policing issues), Ryan Evanoff (Ministry of Transport upgrades to Hwy 14), and Arnie Campbell (presenting a new Interactive History of Otter Point website), in addition to an announcement by Mike Hicks (CRD Director) on major provincial … Continue reading Annual President’s Report for 2019 AGM

Fishing, Killer Whales & Consultation

The Federal Department of Fisheries are releasing a consultation paper which provides two alternatives to protect the foraging areas of the Southern Resident Killer Whales. The paper can be found here. DFO is accepting comments via email DFO until May 3. The final decision will be implemented in May. The DFO map indicates that both scenarios would … Continue reading Fishing, Killer Whales & Consultation