Local residents grow, carve, distill, weave, design, paint, harvest, forge, bake and kiln a plethora of goods. You can also find a wide variety of services provided locally that support the many skilled business people who live in and make their living in our communities.

Please help us spread awareness of our local businesses share it with friends, family and neighbours who may not be on our e-mail list.

For a quick reference, simply click here for a map of these local businesses or if you’re looking for something specific, browse our listings by category.

Accommodation & Travel
Pet Sitting|B&B|Hotels, Inns & Motels|Travel Services
Building & Renovation
Food & Beverage
Corner Store|Restaurant|Baked Goods|Distillery|Micro Brewery|Mead|Farm Produce|Seeds|Canning|Herbs & Spices
Health & Beauty
Wellness|Counselling|Spa|Hair Services|Pet Care
Home & Garden
Art|Cleaning|Landscaping|Garden Goods|Pottery|Decor|Metal Work|Sculptures
Professional & Business Services
Legal Services|Notary|Real Estate|Services|Writer|News |Graphic Designer

If you’re a local business in Jordan River, Shirley or Otter Point, and a member of OPSRRA ($10 annually for businesses) simply submit this form to be included and click the Pay with PayPal link below to choose to pay for one year or up to five years.

Multi-year Payments


1 year – $10
2 years – $20
3 years – $30
4 years – $40
5 years – $50


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