Highway 14 / West Coast Road Safety

Work began in 2017 on this key initiative with a panel discussion with key stakeholders including local RCMP, trucking, ambulance and road safety experts. At the 2018 AGM, a representative from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure presented on current initiatives and talked with OPSRRA members about road concerns.

OPSRRA is working with local stakeholders to identify highway areas of highest risk in order to get these areas prioritized for improvements.

Cell and Internet Services

Although the region in nature is rural, cell and internet services are essential to the local population. The recent CRTC changes to the emergency alert services used to warn residents of oncoming Tsunamis and earthquakes require the ability to receive cell service. OPSRRA began communicating with federal and provincial authorities about how our region could receive these alerts.

A recent funding announcement by the provincial and federal governments promised high speed internet and cell service for the region currently estimated for completion by 2022. For updates on the Connected Coast project click here.

High speed internet will provide local residents with the ability to learn, work and play in the area. Cell service provides critical access to emergency warnings and gives options to emergency service providers and travellers in distress.

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